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Welcome to the Casinostwitch Frequently Asked Questions. If you are a new player and are new to online casinos, you may have some questions. In this article you will find the most relevant and common questions in this industry. Even before playing you can get some important information if you don’t know it.

How to play online for beginners

How old do you have to be to play online?

It depends on your country of residence. In most countries, the legal age to gamble online is: 18 years old. The United States has different age restrictions from state to state, but it’s usually 18 or 21. It is best to check the legal gambling age in your country before joining an online casino.

What are online casinos?

The definition of an online casino is as follows: it is a place authorized to offer games of chance. In the case of online casinos, these are sites authorized to promote casino games. The majority of casinos offer games created by developers called “PROVIDERS”

Why do people play casino games?

Some people assume that playing casino games is foolish because you risk losing money. However, that ignores the fact that they can be a lot of fun. These players see them as a form of entertainment, where the chance to win money just adds to the excitement. Any lost money is basically considered the cost of entertainment.

Is playing at the casino expensive?

It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. You can spend as much or as little as you want, and you certainly don’t need to spend a lot. The minimum bet at most casinos is usually quite low. So you can play around with whatever amounts you feel comfortable with. As long as you set a budget, you essentially have complete control over what you spend.

Can I win playing casino games?

Yes you can. The random nature of casino games gives you the chance to overcome the odds. The fact that the odds are stacked against you means that you will almost certainly lose in the very long run. But it is entirely possible to win in the short term. By adding good capital management as well as some tips and tricks, this will increase these probabilities.

Are casino winnings taxable?

Casino winnings are taxable in some parts of the world, but not in others. It may also depend on whether you are a resident of the country you are playing in. Other factors may also be the amount won and whether you are playing online or on a land-based site. If you win a large amount, seek professional advice on any tax liability you may have.

Are online casinos legal?

Most online casinos operate entirely within the bounds of the law. However, there are no global laws that apply to online gambling anywhere in the world. Countries usually have their own individual laws relating to online gambling. So the legality of online casinos will depend on where they are based and also where you live. Before playing at an online casino, you should check that it is licensed in a jurisdiction where it can legally operate. You should also check that your local laws do not prohibit you from playing online.

Are casino games all about luck?

All casino games are primarily based on luck. In some games, however, there is also an element of strategy involved. While there is no game where you can use strategy to overcome the house edge, there are games where you can effectively minimize the effect of the house edge by playing the “right” way. . Find tips in the “TUTORIALS” section

What are the most popular online casino games?

  • Slot machines
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • Baccarat
  • Card Games: Poker and other variants
  • Live Games: Monopoly, Crazy Time, Dream Catcher, etc.

Can we play games with live dealers?

Yes. Live dealer games offer a very different experience in online casinos. An experience that is almost like playing in an earthly place. The action is streamed directly to your computer screen via a live video feed. You play the games in the usual way, with the dealers acting on your instructions accordingly.

Do online casinos work on all media?

A casino that offers instant games is generally compatible with Macs, computers, mobile and tablet.

Can I play online casinos for fun without spending my money?

Yes. In most online casinos you have the opportunity to play different play money games generally called “demo” mode. On some casino registration is necessary, on others not. You can also find the slot machines on our site under the heading: “FREE GAMES” in order to test them here for free and familiarize yourself with them before embarking on this adventure.

Is my money safe in online casinos?

There are a few online casinos that probably shouldn’t be trusted, but your money is perfectly safe at most online casinos. The best online casinos, such as the ones we recommend, are usually run by reputable and trustworthy companies. They will keep your deposited funds safe and pay out all winnings within a reasonable time.

How many online casinos should I use?

It is entirely up to you. If you find one that you really like, then there is nothing wrong with just using it. Likewise, there’s nothing wrong with playing in a variety of different locations.

How to register in a casino?

Easy. You will find the option to register on the homepage and all you need to do is provide some information about yourself to open an account. Once registered, you will need to link a deposit method to your account in order to play for real money.

Should I download something?

Some online casinos require you to download software to play their games. While others offer ‘Instant Games’ which can be played directly from your web browser. Many places have both downloadable games and instant games.

How does it work exactly?

Do online casinos offer fair gaming?

The majority of online casinos offer totally fair games. Using random number generators (RNG) to produce the results. RNGs are random number generators. And they are very important for online casino games. This is the technology a casino site uses to ensure games are fair every time. If a casino does not use RNG to power its games, it may rig results to prevent players from winning.

What is a payout percentage (RTP)?

The RTP (Return to Player) or rather “return rate” in French is the rate at which a casino pays its winnings in relation to the bets made in real money by the players. It is an indication of your chances of winning if you play at the casino. A good return rate is considered equal to or greater than 95%. This is positive for online casino players when you consider that the average return rate in a land-based casino is around 80%. All licensed casinos are required to regularly publish their payout percentages in order to maintain their license.

How do progressive jackpots work?

Progressive jackpots offer players the chance to win huge amounts of real money. If your goal is to collect some life-changing cash playing online casino games, progressive jackpots are your best bet. A small percentage of each player’s wager contributes to the jackpot total until it is finally paid out to a lucky player.

Are there any withdrawal limits?

Yes. You will come across set withdrawal limits at every online casino. These can be daily, weekly or monthly. They will limit the amount of money you can withdraw from your bankroll in one go. Some casinos will offer exclusive withdrawal limits for VIP players to allow them to withdraw more money than a standard casual player.

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star_borderWhat withdrawal methods are available?

The exact withdrawal methods differ from casino to casino. You will find a wide variety of banking methods available. Popular debit and credit cards such as “Mastercard” or “VISA” are available. Just like “NETELLER” / “SKRILL” electronic wallets or another method of payment via Prepaid Cards such as “CASHLIB” for example. Not all deposit methods will be offered as a withdrawal method and some casinos will insist that you use the same method to transfer funds both in and out of your account. It is therefore a good idea to check the withdrawal methods available at the cashier before depositing money into your account to play with.

Bonuses, loyalty programs how does it work?

What is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is a gift offered by the casino to encourage new players to join it. It usually comes in the form of a real money reward or in the form of free games called “FREESPINS”. Find our welcome bonuses under the heading: “The best bonuses”

What is a no deposit bonus?

This is a bonus that you can claim without having to deposit your own money. If you’re new to online casinos, or just want to get started without risking your money, a no deposit bonus is a great way to get a feel for the real money gambling action on offer. Plus, you could earn real money in the process. Find our no deposit bonuses under the heading: “No deposit bonuses

Are there limits on bet amounts?

Yes. You will find minimum and maximum betting limits at all online casinos in 2020. Although their value may vary from game to game. The reason casinos impose a higher level bet limit is to protect against losses. After all, if a player bets big on the most profitable casino games and wins every time, he can soon accumulate a huge bankroll. Thus, by imposing a maximum bet, a casino can limit the amount it has to lose.

What are the “WAGER” type wagering requirements?

These are the terms and conditions that generally apply to a bonus. Essentially, it’s the fine print you need to be aware of before claiming the bonus on offer. They usually specify conditions such as how quickly you must spend the bonus money and what wagers you must make in order to unlock the bonus offered. They are quite standard when it comes to online casino bonuses and each site will have its own bonus terms and conditions. It is essential to read these conditions before using a bonus at an online casino.

How can I participate in a loyalty / VIP program?

When you open an account with an online casino, you will automatically be enrolled in their VIP program. These are tiered systems that offer bigger prizes the higher you go. Your status will be determined by the number of real money games you play. Most new players enter at the bronze tier and then progress to the highest reward tier. This is achieved by earning player points with every real money game you play.

What rewards can I expect?

Lower level members will be offered rewards. Such as a limited number of free spins or real money cash. The value of these will gradually increase as you play real money games. At the highest levels of the loyalty program, players are invited to exclusive tournaments. They can qualify for high value prizes such as luxury vacations at certain casinos.

Player Safety Information

How do you know if a casino is safe?

Check if the casino has a license (usually listed at the bottom of the homepage). If so, that means it has been independently verified and will need to adhere to strict operating standards to continue trading. Another indication that a casino is safe is its security credentials. Take a look at our “CERTIFIED CASINOS” certified casinos. We attach great importance to player safety.

What does a bad and dishonest casino look like?

Unfortunately, a dishonest casino looks and behaves like a legitimate licensed casino. This is how so many unsuspecting players get tricked. The thing is, anyone can start an online casino, but only legitimate sites will have a license from a reputable gambling association. If you think the site you landed on might be malicious, check if it is allowed. If not, walk away. You will have no protection in the event of a problem.

Can I get addicted to casino games?

Some people would have you believe that if you start gambling of any kind, you are destined to get addicted and lose all your money. It is simply not true. Casino games can most certainly be addictive, but it is by no means a certainty that you will become addicted. However, it is important that you are aware of the risks and play responsibly. If you ever fear becoming addicted, stop immediately and ask for help, services are available for this: “Players Info Service“.

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star_borderHow do I know if I’m addicted to gambling?

There are signs if you are concerned that you or someone you know has a gambling addiction. If you are hiding your habit from others, maxing out your bank account, and going into real money debt, chances are you’re addicted. Likewise, if you lose your job to gamble, sneak in to gamble, and think about real money gambling 24/7, chances are your hobby has become a habit and you should ask help.

How do you stop playing?

It can be a difficult process, but to help you along the way, good casino sites include safeguards such as: capping your deposit amounts daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. They also set up an automatic ban to exclude your account from all/some services for a certain period of time. If you are having trouble quitting gambling, you should see a healthcare professional. Don’t be afraid to talk about it.

Do you have a lexicon for the online casino?

It is in creation and constantly updated on this page: “under construction

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